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Located in Canadian Coast Mountain wilderness, Arc'teryx is built on the principle of obsessive, precise design and production

The pursuit of perfection


My Role

Conceptualization, Design Strategy, User Research and Analysis, Brand Identity, Brand Strategy


Kendall Arata, Anousha Chaterjee



Chat GPT



2 weeks


Our goal was to redefine the strategy of the Arc'teryx brand by leveraging AI tools to help generate a modern strategy based on cultural trends for the brand to pursue to increase engagement in the target demographic and cultural relevance. Our main goal was to emphasize the concept of decolonizing the Gorp-core while empowering indigenous communities through products and in-person learning experiences as well as reframing Arc'teryx as a cultural hub with investments in music festivals and electronic events. 

Brand Design Analysis

To start, Arusha and I analyzed the look and feel of the Arc'teryx branding to get a better understanding of the outdoor brand and their target demographic and touch points.

We decided that the company ethos of Design, Craftsmanship and Performance should be the at the center of our projected strategy

Existing Brand Archetype

In order to craft a better strategy, we looked into and created existing brand archetypes with AI generated images based on brand values. 

Our primary archetype was the Adventurist Perfectionist and secondary archetype was the Style-Conscious Adventurer, defined by these characteristics:

Utilitarian, Military Design, Versatility, Simplicity, Discovery, Gorp Core

Adventurous Perfectionist.jpg
Style-Conscious Adventurer.jpg

Social Dissent with existing archetypes

Social Dissent.jpg

Emergent Brand Archetype

Based on our analysis of the existing brand archetypes, we defined an Emergent Brand Archetype with our new brand strategy

Emergent BrandA.jpg

The Empowered Anarchist plays on the concept of decolonizing gorp-core and reallocating power to indigenous communities and minority cultures that originally habituated the lands. By doing this, Arc'teryx will transform their retail space and platform into a cultural hub through a passion for the outdoors, fashion and music. 

Depth - Exploring Authenticity

Our brainstorm session landed on the brand campaign based on Authenticity. We explore multiple mediums and methods of conveying our message in the bullets below:

Mixed Reality
- sustainability
- training
- learning about environment/clothing
- learn about indigenous practices for the natural spaces they are about to enter - with help of an indigenous Arc'teryx spokesperson

Culture Hub
- outdoor gorp-core (hiking, climbing, trail running, skiing/snowboarding)
- music (raving)
- streetwear
- up and coming athletes minorities/minority community integration, potential and progress


- indigenous empowerment

- Gorp-core has been dominated by white-cis males
- Providing a space to empower communities emphasizing learning and connection.
- Accessibility for people of lesser means
- Minority group benefits


New Brand Touchpoint Concept

Cultural Preservation, Re-allocation of Power, and Mixed Reality Immersion

We expect these three brand touch points to enhance the brand relevance and create a space for Arc'teryx to expand as a cultural hub while supporting and empowering indigenous communities

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